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Are you worried your child might not be offered a place in a Medical school in the UK over a B grade on their A-levels or because they didn’t show their best on the interview?

There is now an alternative – cheaper than study in the UK, just as recognised in the EU and beyond and without wasting another year in waiting or doing unnecessary courses.

Secure a study place on a programme in Human or Dental Medicine at a prestigious Medical University with MCDP.

We are happy to announce that we can guarantee places for a limited number of students that meet our criteria for the next intake 2015/16.

Please contact us ASAP as places are allocated on “first come, first served” principle.

Medical Career Development Platform Ltd

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Why we need to talk about money

LG_SM_66_0248.tif;lowMoney is something that few of us really like to talk about. Let’s face it, things like savings, life insurance and salaries aren’t always the easiest or the most interesting topics of conversation. Yet, as parents, we have a responsibility to deal with them properly. So, why is it that so few of us talk about money?

Money is seen as a social taboo according to new research from Legal & General. They found that nearly half of us think that it’s a private matter not to be talked about, yet two fifths of us (41%) say money is one of their biggest stresses. Legal & General Assurance Society executive director and chief executive John Pollock, said “taking the time and having the confidence to talk about financial planning is hugely important – not just for financial reasons but for our wellbeing too.”

This research is part of the company’s campaign to tackle this ‘money taboo’. “We need to break this social norm and start talking about money. No matter what the situation or stage of life, achieving financial security begins with having the right conversation” said Pollock. As part of the campaign, Legal & General have been touring the country, including nearby Lakeside shopping centre, to find out what topics many of us find difficult to talk about and encourage people to open up about finances.

There are many financial issues that arise when you have children; whether it’s ensuring that you can afford the day-to-day necessities or saving for your child to go to university. Simply feeding another mouth can put tremendous strain on lots of families and 39% of people say that worrying about money increases the pressure of family life. But the thing is that talking about money, sharing advice and spending more time planning personal finances can help to reduce this stress. We also need to set a good example to our kids, teaching them about the value of money and the importance of financial planning from a young age.

SONY DSCIt’s not just about day to day stuff, what would happen to my children if something bad happened? We need to plan for any unpleasant surprises life might throw at us. Death is something else we don’t like to talk about but all of us should ensure that if the unthinkable does happen, we would have done all that we could to ensure that our loved ones are financially secure.

If you’re inspired, but don’t know how to start having these conversations, check out Legal & General’s tips on how to approach those difficult topics we often struggle to talk about:

Become a Hero for Hattie and Give Blood

hattieDear Essex Mums,

Two weeks ago I was told the news no parent wants to hear. My baby girl has leukaemia.

A normal Tuesday school run with my 5 and 1year olds, followed by a 999 call and an ambulance to Southend hospital. Only to be told on Wednesday morning that my 1year old Harriet (known as Hattie) has cancer.

Since then we have been in Great Ormond Street hospital undergoing chemotherapy, various surgeries, numerous blood and platelet transfusions. This is why I am writing to you all. Without these blood and platelet transfusions – Hattie wouldn’t be alive today. So I am asking all of you to please consider becoming a life saver by donating blood on a regular basis, maybe even sign up to be a stem cell donor. Many mums cannot donate due to various reasons but if you can’t, then please seek/bribe/convince someone else to.

Hattie’s Heroes is our Facebook page for any news or information. We are raising money for Leukaemia CARE but our main priority is something money can’t buy – blood donations.

From my gorgeous Hattie and her mummy x ”


Give Blood


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