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Photo Competition for World Down Syndrome Day

In order to promote World Down Syndrome Day 2014, is running a photo competition for parents with Down syndrome babies, toddlers or children.

On January 5th 2014, Mark Stringer, co-founder and technical director of Repixl, became father to Amelie Cadence Stringer who, in his words, “is beautiful and wonderful, and everything that a 2 month old baby girl should be”.

However, “Despite screening, a low risk factor and negative prenatal test results, she was born with Down syndrome. It’s now irreversibly a part of our life, and that’s something that my wife and I are educating ourselves on, and quickly coming to terms with.”

With World Down Syndrome Day 2014 just a week way (Friday 21st March), Repixl is launching a photo competition to help raise awareness of the syndrome and in the words of WDSD, to try to “make the voice of people with Down syndrome louder”.

“As any parent of a DS child will tell you, they’re the happiest kids around. So we’d like our contribution to WDSD to be raising awareness of DS, both through this competition and through publication of a “Cute Down Syndrome Kids and their Pets” list afterwards.” says Mark.

“Who knows, maybe one day a new DS parent will find the photos and they’ll help them realise that it’s not as bad as they thought, a bit quicker?”

The winner will be selected on Monday 24th March. The winning photo will be featured on the Repixl homepage for at least 1 month, and our favourites will be used in an upcoming “Cute Down Syndrome Kids and their Pets” blog post.

The competition entry details and rules can be found on the blog post (


You’ve decided to relocate – now what?

Guest Post

Moving house is both exciting and daunting – especially if you’re a parent. There may be many reasons why you’ve decided to relocate; yet despite these reasons, it’s important to ensure everyone is happy about the big move.


First things first

Prior to beginning your hunt for the perfect property, it’s wise to consider the reasons you’re moving in the first place. You may wish to be closer to a better school for your children, or alternatively, or you might want to move closer to a partner’s new job. Whatever your reasons, it’s important to ensure everyone is happy.


Before you move

Most parents will probably have some reservations when it comes to taking their children out of a school that they are already enrolled in. If the move is essential, it’s imperative that you take them out at the beginning or the end of the year and never in-between exams or assignments. It’s also a good idea to decide on a new school before moving, as you’ll need to check that they offer similar courses and classes.


Moving to Essex

Those looking to move to a quieter location will enjoy the many sights and sounds Essex has to offer. From the vibrant seaside towns to the picturesque, tranquil beaches, there’s a real outdoor vibe here. Home to a number of tidal inlets and estuaries, it’s a great place to spend the summer holidays and a fantastic place to live. Imagine waking up to these beautiful surroundings on a daily basis.


Invest in expert advice

Essex offers the best of both worlds. It’s here that you’ll find both rolling hills and a vast coastline. Recent redevelopment projects also make the city an attractive proposition for those looking to relocate. Looking at new Linden Homes in Essex can give you an idea of the sorts of property available to those keen to move to the city.


Major attractions

Essex is a county of many contrasts, which is one of the reasons it’s a popular choice for families. From the unique architecture to the many market towns and must-see stately homes, there is plenty to do and see in the area. It’s also an extremely safe and green place to live, which makes it a fantastic region for those wishing to bring up their children in idyllic surroundings.




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