Toy Review: Hama Beads

These are probably one of the best inventions EVER! They are plastic beads that come in 3 different sizes. The larger ones for 3+, midi for 5+ and mini for 10+. You have different shape plates with pegs on them to place the beads onto. If you really like a pattern or picture, you can then use the ironing paper, or normal greaseproof paper, and iron them to make the beads stick together.

I used to love making patterns and pictures with these when I was little and then just a couple of weeks ago when OH and I were out looking for extra birthday presents for his daughter, I saw these and had a blast from the past. OH wasn’t sure and had never seen them before, but as they were quite cheap for a small packet of 1000 mixed beads (midi size), we bought a couple of packs with a couple of shape plates. We didn’t really expect much enthusiasm from her but she loves them! She’s even taken one of the ironed patterns home with her so that she can take it to school tomorrow to do a show and tell about it.

I’ve found I still enjoy doing them, it’s quite relaxing too and its nice that we now have something we both enjoy doing together when my son is in bed.

We’ve said she can iron the ones she really likes and use them to decorate her bedroom. It’s amazing how quiet it keeps her too! She normally doesn’t stop talking from morning ’til night!

You can also buy these in box sets to make specific pictures like animals, princesses, Lion King and some boyish ones too.

So if you have creative children who like hands on sort of things then I definitely advise these as a stocking filler for Christmas!

You can buy them cheaper on ebay and also sold in The Entertainer toy shop too.

Review by Claire Davis

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