It’s a Mum’s Life: An update…

It’s been a long time since I last posted a blog entry, so my apologies for that – too many things to do and not enough hours of the day in which to do them! So, I suppose I should start by updating you on what’s been going on in my life as a mum…

Some news on the speech and language front – my son’s nursery gave me a form to fill in which they will then use to refer him for speech therapy – could be a long wait, but at least we’ll be in the system. And they’re being extremely helpful, working with him while he’s there, and giving me ideas of things that I can do with him at home, which is brilliant, so I finally feel like we’re getting somewhere (albeit slowly). Hopefully there will be more progress on that front as the weeks go on.

My mission to get Glenn to do more things for himself is coming along slowly, but we are getting there… he’s now started wanting to eat by himself with a knife and fork, or spoon and fork, whereas before he’d start and then get bored halfway through and want to do something else – or want someone to help him, so I’m quite pleased about that. Slow progress on the shoes, socks and general clothing front though: one of my friends who has a little girl of a similar age to him asked me the other day if he made a fuss about wanting to dress himself, as her daughter does and I had to say no, he’s quite happy to be dressed. I’m wondering if this is yet another difference between the sexes? He doesn’t seem to be particularly bothered about exerting his independence in areas like this at all, so I have to be constantly encouraging him to do things for himself – but I’m sure we’ll get there in the end.

We’re also in the process of clearing our ‘spare room’ so that we can move Glenn into it, but in the six years we have been in our house, the spare room has become the place to store things that need to go/won’t fit in the loft, as well as housing books, cds and the computer, so it’s going to be a mammoth task – and it started out well, but I’ve kind of gone off the boil now, so will have to work up some enthusiasm for it again!

Not much more to tell really, except we’re now on a serious economy drive in our household, so really watching the pennies – and looking for any good budget recipes that don’t involve 101 things to do with mince (there’s only so much mince you can eat!). I’m used to doing this, but my husband really isn’t, so it could be an interesting few weeks for us!

Anyway, not much else to say for now really – sorry that this doesn’t seem to have been about anything very much, but hopefully now I’ve managed to get myself writing again, I’ll be able to update more often and hopefully with things that are of interest! There may also be some interesting news in the next couple of weeks, so watch this space!

From Essex Mums Guest Blogger, Jenni

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  1. My nearly 2 year old daughter is much keener on getting herself dressed than my 3 1/2 year old son. She’ll try, even if it ends up with her trousers on her head and pants on her arms. He, on the other hand is more than happy to lie there while someone else dresses him. I make him do it himself but he normally asks for help with at least one thing… maybe you’re right!

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