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Keeping sane and healthy in today’s fast-paced world is quite a feat.  For some it is not a problem but, for many people, the way we cope with the pressures of modern life has unhealthy physical or mental consequences.  Our physical and mental wellbeing are of course interrelated but our coping strategies have a wide range of negative effects.

Some people react to stress by overeating, this leads to weight gain of varying degrees and to a loss of self-esteem.  Those who are in this situation often try a variety of diets, often with the well-documented pendulum effect.  Diets do not deal with the underlying issues, which generate the desire to overeat in the first place.

The torment surrounding depression and anxiety and the subconscious search for ways of relieving them can be incredibly destructive.  Medication can provide some relief but it is not a permanent solution to these conditions.   Of concern these days is that children are now presented with these symptoms, they too are subject to the same life stresses as adults.

The internet can be a terrific tool in the search for strategies to deal with these problems, if used sensibly and questioningly.  Amongst the alternative therapies on offer, weight loss hypnosis seems to provide an approach to weight loss and dealing with conditions like depression and anxiety which is safe and avoids the negative consequences of crash diets or the use medication.  The Therapy Lounge hypnotherapy is suitable for treatment of a range of conditions and there is plenty of information about therapists and the treatments on offer in and around London,  often including a free initial consultation.  Other approaches, such as cognitive or behavioural therapies or self-help type therapies, might be the perfect solution for some people but they require a lot of time and commitment.  The hypnotherapy process, from the first session, addresses the unconscious with the objective of altering behaviour.

In our quest for wellbeing, the first step to addressing a troubled situation is to acknowledge that there is a problem.  The search for a solution should include examining a range of solutions which are safe, effective and which suit the personality and have a convincing body of evidence supporting any claims made.


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