Pop Music is ready to Go!Go!Go! for kids!

There is no doubt that kids love pop music, but often parents feel uncomfortable with the images and lyrics today’s artists in the charts portray in their music and videos. Kids grow up faster than ever these days so having control over their musical influences is something dear to a lot of parent’s hearts.

Many bands from the 80’s and 90’s are reforming, creating a welcome resurgence in the popularity of pop music. Although we’re often made to feel it’s uncool, cheesy, a guilty pleasure, we can’t deny the happy feeling that comes with singing along to an old pop song from childhood.

Mike Stock (one third of 80’s pop hit team Stock, Aitken and Waterman) has been bombarded with parents asking him to reproduce some of his pop magic to provide kids with songs that befit their age. Along with Steve Crosby (mastermind behind Steps and writer of their first hit 5,6,7,8) they’ve created Go!Go!Go! 5 boys and girls who not only sing and dance but act too, 3 also happen to be from Essex!

After a lot of research the conclusion was that parents wanted more than great songs and cool dance routines, they wanted a whole entertainment package to entertain their tweens along with their tots. Hence the pop musical Go!Go!Go! Show. The show includes 2 more characters, the confused and befuddled Mr Baffled and a loveable sock eating creature called the Fluffalope. The show has something for everyone, older children will love the cool dance routines, magic tricks and jokes and the younger children will fall in love with the Fluffalope and have fun joining in with the audience participation, (no sitting still in their seats for an hour).

After a successful season at Alton Towers Resort last year and a national tour The Go!Go!Go! Show is set to hit the West End this summer with an affordable live experience for the whole family.

Go!Go!Go! have an active social media presence and love to join parent communities on line discussing all things parent and pop music related – You can join them or on Twitter and check out their website for news of forthcoming London shows this summer

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  1. As an Essex Mum and a HUGE fan of Go!Go!Go!, I cannot urge you enough to take your kids to see this wonderful group when the (fingers & toes crossed) do another tour this summer. The cast are a fantastic bunch, making the children feel really special both during the show and afterwards when they come out for photos and autographs. And the grown-ups have a great time too, joining in the dance moves and singing along to the extremely catchy songs. My 3 & 4 year old constantly put on Go!Go!Go! shows at home, with singing, dancing and magic tricks, and have had lovely messages from the gang on Facebook when they’ve asked random questions about their favourite food etc. We’ve been to see them about 5 times and can’t wait to see them again this summer. And the tickets are always reasonably priced too!! ‘Like’ their page on Facebook to get news of their tour dates hot off the press and make sure you Go!Go!Go!

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