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Becoming a happy ‘Host Family’

Do you have a spare room; are you looking to enhance your cultural experience; or do you have a child studying a language at school?  Becoming a host family could well be the answer to all of the above, and more.  We have a vast number of students from across Europe beginning up to one academic year at a local school in your area and we are looking to find suitable host families who would be willing to make these great students a part of their family!

Why would you do it and what are the benefits?

Welcoming an international student in to your home may seem like a daunting prospect but there are many reasons why you may choose to do so!

  • Enhance the social and cultural development of both your family and the visiting student
  • Create new and long lasting cross-cultural friendships and connections
  • Generate a reliable source of income
  • Provide a rewarding experience for your family that they will engage in, be educated by and enjoy!

Whatever the reason, we are looking for families of all backgrounds that have a dedicated, supportive and welcoming home environment who are willing to share their homes with an international guest!

Experiencing Family Life

In becoming a host family we do not expect you to change your everyday family life; In fact far from it, as we prepare the Xplore UK students to fully immerse themselves in to your household and its daily routine.  By treating the student as your own son or daughter they will quickly feel part of the family unit and embrace your culture and way of life.  The cultural exchange is two-way and having an international student in the home will give you and your family the opportunity to compare and contrast traditions and habits.  Outside of study time and in particular during evenings and at weekends, represents the ideal time to get to know one another and spend time together enjoying family activities and days out.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact the Xplore My Choice UK team with any questions you may have on 01449 742 704 or email homestays@xploreuk.com


A Party Fit for a Prince

As Great Britain prepares to party to celebrate the future king’s first birthday; Lauren Prentice from Sense Parties; children’s party planner to the stars is already receiving floods of requests for royal garden parties; just like the one Kate and William will throw baby George. Lauren goes on to say, ‘In the same way that everyone joined in and partied for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, we’re preparing to join together to say Happy Birthday to Prince George. It’s a case of keep calm and celebrate!’

Buckingham Palace officials and indeed Kate and Wills will be planning a private party for George and his pals but that’s not to say that the rest of the country won’t be following suit. Lauren says, ‘the Sense Parties office has been inundated with people searching for the perfect entertainment for their little ones and why shouldn’t the children have the best entertainment that’s fit for the little princes and princesses that they are!’

All Sense Parties are themed and Lauren speculates on the type of theme that Prince George might celebrate with. ‘Perhaps an around the world theme’ she comments ‘he’s already a jet setter and a worldwide theme is ideal to suit the mixture of ages and tastes which we can expect at baby George’s party.’

So will it be cucumber sandwiches and earl grey tea? Or will it be a more sophisticated affair? Lauren says, ‘I think it’s important to remember that although this is the future king of England’s birthday that it is a children’s party so I am sure that Kate and William will be keen for everyone young and old to have the best time possible!’

If you’re looking for the perfect party or entertainment for your child’s party contact Lauren on 07557 657 045 or visit www.senseparties.com

About Sense Parties:

Sense Parties offers the best children’s themed parties. We alleviate all of the party entertaining stress from parents and ensure a party that has all of the other Mums and Dads vying to match up to! We are unique in that all of our entertainers are professional actors who love working with children and are handpicked for their lively, bubbly personalities. We show the children the time of their lives; they can meet their favourite characters, become the next princesses, pirates or superheroes and even have a disco complete with snow machine. The children’s entertainment area of the business has flourished, we currently provide 50 parties per month across London, Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Hertforshire and Kent.


The perfect night time protection

Guest Post





For children who sometimes wet the bed or simply need a little  extra protection through the night, DryNites® Pyjama pants and DryNites® Bed Mats offer the perfect solution for a comfortable night’s sleep.

DryNites® Pyjama Pants are designed to be worn discreetly under nightwear and can be put on and taken off just like real underwear. They feature a thin super absorbent pad that draws wetness away from the skin, together with leak guards and a moisture proof outer cover.

DryNites® Bed Mats give parents the confidence that their child’s mattress will be discreetly protected from night-time accidents, while keeping children comfortable. They offer a disposable, thin, cotton-feel protector which fits across the width of a child’s mattress under the bed sheet. The unique ‘stick & stay put’ peel-off adhesive back design keeps the mat in place throughout the night, ensuring complete confidence for a good night’s sleep.


For more information about DryNites® and advice on how to manage bedwetting visit www.drynites.co.uk.



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