How to make hot air balloons

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Add some colour and fun to your child’s room with these lovely decorative hot air balloons. Children can decorate their own in their favourite colours or with their names.

Below is a great fun tutorial which will keep the kids busy during the summer thanks to the replacement sofa cushions experts.


You will need:
Various coloured foam sheets


Step 1
Cut out two balloon shapes, one large and one small.


Step 2
Cut out the patterns for the balloons using different coloured foam. We have made some zigzags for the large balloon and stripes for the small one.


Step 3
Arrange them on the balloons and glue in place once you are happy. Trim any overhanging bits.


Step 4
Cut out two rectangles for the baskets and four thin strips to attach them to the balloons.


Step 5
Glue the strips to the backs of the balloons and to the backs of the baskets, as shown.


The balloons can be placed on the wall with blue tack. They could also be hung from the ceiling with fishing line if you make a small hole in the top of the balloon. Have extra fun by cutting out photos of family and placing them in the baskets as passengers or see what else you can come up with.

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A Sweet Treat for Little Havens

A local charity is looking forward to a summer’s day celebrating with sweet treats and a nice cup of tea to help raise vital funds to continue caring.

The Buttercup Club toddler activity group in Scout Hall, Ellensbrook Close, Leigh-on-sea tel 01702 712150
will be holding a Bake, Cake and Celebrate morning at their messy play activity group. At the weekly sessions on Wed 9th and Thurs 10th June the little ones will be enjoying decorating cakes. Mums and Dads can bring in cakes which will then be sold and all the proceeds go to Little Havens. So tea time will be extra yummy!

This campaign will see people across Essex fundraising to celebrate the work of the hospice in the local community. The charity is asking more people to get involved and indulge in some baked delights and a brew with family, friends, work colleagues and class mates.

The celebration is open to all and is lots of fun, especially when cake is the order of the day. Supporters in the workplace, at clubs and schools or at home could make cakes and cookies and offer a brew in return for a donation, have a “bake-off” to prove who really is the best chef or go all out and host a tea party!

Little Havens, Angela Clements says:

“We’re hoping that hundreds of people across Essex will join us in raising awareness of the care that the charity provides to children and adults with life threatening conditions and their families, by joining with friends and taking some time out for tea and cake – everyone needs to treat themselves. It’s such an easy way to get involved, so get ready to Brew, Bake and Celebrate!”

Last years cake themed event raised £27.000 for the charity and encouraged new supporters. This year, the team at Little Havens is hoping to raise £40.000.

Little Havens Children’s Hospice provides respite breaks, symptom control and end-of-life care for the youngsters living with serious conditions and who are not expected to reach adulthood. It aims to make their journey – and that of the family – as comfortable as possible, creating memories along the way.

The love and care provided by the Care Team in the homely surroundings at Little Havens is as special and unique as the child. This could not continue without kind donations as it costs £2.3 million each year to keep the hospice open.

For further information, or to register for your fundraising pack, please call Lorraine or Sam on 01702 220305, email or visit and click on Get Involved!

Thanks n regards

Sharon Woodrow/ Buttercup Club Activity Group

Are the big chain stores stealing Christmas from us Mums?

When I was a small child a mere 25 years ago, my Mum despaired at having to make me costumes for school plays and fancy dress. I was always dressed in black tights and a leotard with something attached! Stars for Christmas, a swimming cap and paper beak as a blackbird. Tin foil over said swimming cap to turn me into a soldier… you get the picture.

Had she been a Mum to a young child in today’s society she would no doubt have rejoiced at the array of nativity costumes available for under a tenner in the supermarkets. I’m sure there are plenty of busy mums and those who are useless at costume making that would join her in thanking the costume gods, but where does that leave those of us who ‘want’ to make their kids costumes?

I’ve always been crafty and for years have been looking forward to the day I could pop a tea-towel on my sons head and turn him into a shepherd, or stuff some brown tights to make a donkey tail and ears.

“Who’s stopping you”? you might ask, well the supermarkets are.

It all comes down to peer pressure. I can’t embarrass my poor son now. Imagine him, the only little mite in leggings and a leotard standing amongst a whole host of ornate shop bought costumes. He’d look totally out of place and Mummy would look like she didn’t earn enough money to pay for a costume.

So supermarket bosses, I appreciate you need to do what you can to make money, but please don’t cash in on those parents who are either too busy, cant be bothered or are not particularly crafty. You’re ruining an age old tradition and a dream that many of us have been looking forward to for years!

By Claire Mackaness (Sadly unable to create mummy)


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