It’s a Mum’s Life: An update…

It’s been a long time since I last posted a blog entry, so my apologies for that – too many things to do and not enough hours of the day in which to do them! So, I suppose I should start by updating you on what’s been going on in my life as a mum…

Some news on the speech and language front – my son’s nursery gave me a form to fill in which they will then use to refer him for speech therapy – could be a long wait, but at least we’ll be in the system. And they’re being extremely helpful, working with him while he’s there, and giving me ideas of things that I can do with him at home, which is brilliant, so I finally feel like we’re getting somewhere (albeit slowly). Hopefully there will be more progress on that front as the weeks go on.

My mission to get Glenn to do more things for himself is coming along slowly, but we are getting there… he’s now started wanting to eat by himself with a knife and fork, or spoon and fork, whereas before he’d start and then get bored halfway through and want to do something else – or want someone to help him, so I’m quite pleased about that. Slow progress on the shoes, socks and general clothing front though: one of my friends who has a little girl of a similar age to him asked me the other day if he made a fuss about wanting to dress himself, as her daughter does and I had to say no, he’s quite happy to be dressed. I’m wondering if this is yet another difference between the sexes? He doesn’t seem to be particularly bothered about exerting his independence in areas like this at all, so I have to be constantly encouraging him to do things for himself – but I’m sure we’ll get there in the end.

We’re also in the process of clearing our ‘spare room’ so that we can move Glenn into it, but in the six years we have been in our house, the spare room has become the place to store things that need to go/won’t fit in the loft, as well as housing books, cds and the computer, so it’s going to be a mammoth task – and it started out well, but I’ve kind of gone off the boil now, so will have to work up some enthusiasm for it again!

Not much more to tell really, except we’re now on a serious economy drive in our household, so really watching the pennies – and looking for any good budget recipes that don’t involve 101 things to do with mince (there’s only so much mince you can eat!). I’m used to doing this, but my husband really isn’t, so it could be an interesting few weeks for us!

Anyway, not much else to say for now really – sorry that this doesn’t seem to have been about anything very much, but hopefully now I’ve managed to get myself writing again, I’ll be able to update more often and hopefully with things that are of interest! There may also be some interesting news in the next couple of weeks, so watch this space!

From Essex Mums Guest Blogger, Jenni

It’s a mum’s life… Independence day

This week I have decided to try and encourage a bit more independence from my three year old – nothing major, just trying to get him to do things like put his shoes on, pull his own trousers and pants up and down, and eat by himself (preferably with a fork, rather than his fingers which are his preferred method). So far, not doing that well – although I am amazed at what he will do to get a sticker. The problem is everything takes such a long time, you start to think it would be easier to do it yourself, which of course is totally not the point and completely defeats the object of the exercise! I have managed to get him to eat his breakfast himself…but only if it’s in a particular bowl – I know this sounds odd, but if it’s in a plastic bowl, he’s not so bothered whereas if it’s in the china ‘Bunnykins’ bowl that someone gave him as a Christening present then he’s happy to eat it himself and woe betide me if I offer to help him, so that’s that one almost sussed – just two more meals to go!

Earlier on he helped himself to a yoghurt from the fridge, found himself a spoon, sat at the table, opened it, and ate it – so I know he CAN do it – it’s just a case of laziness (on his part) and not being too impatient (on mine). And on the clothing front, as long as I give him trousers that are easy to get up and down – not always easy as a lot of his are jeans with adjustable waist and he’s tall and slim, so unless they are pulled in a fair way, they fall down – then he can cope with them (and I’ve no doubt he does it when he’s at nursery, so I have a feeling there’s a certain amount of ‘learned helplessness’ going on at home. But he did manage to do it when we went swimming today, so that’s something… we’ll just build on that! It’s a work in progress, but hopefully he will get the hang of things eventually and it’ll be a good lesson in patience for me too – so I will keep you posted.

Comment of the week (this has nothing to do with the topic, but it’s one of those moments where you need to tell them that the thing they’ve done isn’t right, but actually are fighting back the giggles!) One day this week, we were having lunch and I nipped out of the room for something, when I came back, he told me he’d been feeding the ducks – which I put down to an active imagination. It wasn’t until later, that I found little pieces of sandwich broken up and placed in the ‘pond’ on his road playmat.So, I asked him why he’d felt the need to do that, to which he replied ‘me feeding the ducks!’ Of course…so I was trying extremely hard not to laugh, whilst pointing out that it wasn’t good to leave little pieces of bread all over the floor!


It’s a mum’s life: And so to bed…

Bedtime… the calming end to a busy day. There are some days (especially if it has been a particularly difficult or exhausting day) when I really look forward to this time. Not that I don’t love spending time with my son, or that I want to be rid of him, but there are days when I just want him to go to bed, so that I can curl up on the sofa and chill for a bit. However, these are usually the days when he decides that it’d be fun to wind mummy up a bit more, by not going to sleep.

Recently he’s been much better at going to bed and going to sleep (he used to be a complete nightmare and I dreaded the end of the day because I knew I was going to have to fight him all the way), but there are some days when despite following the bedtime wind-down routine which we’ve always used (tea, bath, stories, bed), he just will not lie down and sleep, even if he’s totally shattered! An example: last week my husband and I had been out three nights in a row (practically unheard of), so my mum and dad had been babysitting, which meant putting him to bed too. On the fourth night, when I was back to putting him to bed again, he had obviously decided to see what he could get away with… much fun!

I should explain what we normally do, so you can get the picture: the rule in our house is that if he is lying down with his eyes closed, ready to go to sleep, then I will stay in the room with him until he is asleep, as long as it doesn’t take forever. However, but if he messes about I will leave the room and go downstairs and then I go back every so often and lie him down again – not so easy now he’s three and getting bigger and stronger. So, on this night, I was sitting in his room (to start off with), and he was making all the soft toys fly/talk to each other/etc etc (he was still lying down at this point) so he got a warning – something along the lines of, ‘lie still and close your eyes, or I will go out’ which worked for  a couple of seconds, then he started to fidget and kick the wall next to the bed, so I left the room. Then he started bouncing, so eventually I went back and attempted to lie him down again but he was up again within seconds of me doing it, and then all the pillows and the duvet came off, then he was sitting in the chair with his books (I’m all for encouraging him to read, but there are limits!). So, I went in and put him down again, then removed the books from the room, and then after more bouncing, I removed all his soft toys as well and went downstairs for about ten minutes. This obviously hurt more than the rest, as the next time I went up, there was one sorry little boy, ready to lie down and go to sleep. I gave him his two favourite soft toys back, reinstated the duvet and pillows and he was asleep within seconds – but I was exhausted! Thankfully he hasn’t tried it again since, but there’s always time!



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