Has spring sprung?

So, call me mad but I’m feeling rather good about the prospect of Spring being just around the corner. There’s something lovely about this time of year – the evenings are lighter, the weather finally seems less bleak, and the possibility of actually getting out of the house without a million and one layers, emergency umbrellas is a real and inviting one. If, like me, you don’t drive, it’s a whole new lease of life to be able to walk everywhere without you and the kids getting soaked.

This year I’m particularly looking forward to spring and summer because both my kids are now mobile – Felix will be three in July and Iris is coming up for a year, and I’m looking forward to them being able to run around outside, trips to the beach, the woods etc. I’m especially looking forward to sitting in the garden while they happily amuse themselves for hours on end… though I realise the likelihood of that is pretty slim.

So Mums and Dads of Essex, forgive my over-optimism and feel free to blame me when it starts to rain next week, but I want to hear what you’re doing this spring. Favourite things to do with the kids, special days out, secrets to a beautful yet child-friendly garden… anything and everything really! It’s typically British to get very excited about the tiniest glimpse of sun, so I’m donning my sunhat and jumping on board, and I hope you’ll join me!
Roll on springtime!

Essex Mums Newsletter February 2010

Good morning all, I hope you all managed to survive through the bleak month of January and are ready to start enjoying the milder weather that is inevitably round the corner (ahem). It’s been another busy month here at Essex Mums, but a productive one!

New Forum

I finally got round to upgrading the forum so it’s now much shinier and with all sorts of fun new features. Come and take a look here: and please do say hello if you haven’t been around recently. If you run a group or class, or have some sort of service that is of interest to our Mums, please feel free to post an update!

Things to Do

You may have noticed that the calendar and classes pages have had a revamp. They’re now in a new ‘Things to Do section’ here: Everything is now listed by area (Chelmsford, Colchester, London-area and Southend, decided by postcode, so for example Basildon is included in Southend as it’s SS.) which makes it much easier to find things to do – the old calendars were getting a bit too busy!).

If you have anything that you would like to be added to the calendars, please send them to me. I’ll be doing a homepage listing of half-term events in the next few weeks, so make sure you get them to me in time!

Shopping Guide

The shopping guide is filling up and has some great shops on it now. Having bought too much from there already I can vouch for the quality of the products, haha. It contains all kinds of goodies, from great handmade clothes, to health and safety equipment for babies; from maternity clothes and nursing bras to party goods and wedding favours. Now that we’ve got over the broke post-Christmas period, why not treat yourself to something nice!

Bake It Better

We’ll be having an Essex Mums Bake it Better meet-up at Monkey Bizzness on Tues 9th Feb from 11am in aid of Great Ormond Street’s Kiss it Better appeal for children with cancer. The kind people at Monkey Bizzness also suggested having some baking for the kiddies with a small charge of a donation to the charity so that should be fun and messy! Bring along some cakes to sell, or just bring some pennies for yummy cake buying! It would be great to make this a really good day, so please bring friends and spread the word!

Second Birthday Party

The Essex Mums Second Birthday Party is coming up at the end of March and it would be lovely to see as many as you as possible at this year’s party! We’ve got some great ideas in the pipeline for the celebration so watch this space!

The plan is to hold the event at one of our Mum’s parent and toddler groups in Southend, and it would be lovely to make this a really fun day. I’m thinking of holding a site-wide competition so if anyone has any goodies they could donate (whether it’s tickets for a day out, money towards class fees or actual products, that would be absolutely brilliant!) Likewise if anyone can come along and do any kind of fun activities such as face-painting, music… anything, that would be wonderful and please let me know! Once I have more info I’m hoping to get some local press interested as they were last year, and if course anyone who gets involved gets a big plug on the site, and would be specifically mentioned, with a link to their website, on the homepage. So please, if there’s anything you can contribute, get in touch!

New Dulwich Site
Essex Mums is branching out with a brand new site in Dulwich, run by the lovely Rose. It’s still in the process of being put together right now but you can see the beginnings of the site here: If you are part of an organisation that has groups, classes etc. in this area please get in touch with either me or and be a part of this exciting new site. Likewise, great deals for advertisers looking to get the word out in Dulwich. The shopping guide will also run across this, and any future sites at no extra cost, so means extra traffic for those of you who are advertising there.

The rest…

As always, there’s lots of great new information across the site, and lots of great chatter in the forum, so come and take a look!

Hope to see you at one of the events soon!

Kind regards,


Essex Mums January Newsletter

Happy New Year to all Essex Mums (and Dads… and Grandparents…!)

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are currently enjoying your first of many enjoyable and restful days in 2010. Things here at Essex Mums have been hectic over the last few weeks but I hope you’ll be able to see the results of my labours in the form of two new exciting areas of the website.

Health & Fitness Special

We all tend to overdo it at Christmas, and then make resolutions to get fitter and healthier on January 1st Well, this year Essex Mums is here to help you make that happen! On the homepage you will see January’s special feature on Health and Fitness, with links to lots of great ideas for getting fit, eating well and getting your kids active. As well as information from fantastic organisations such as MEND and Change4Life, schemes and classes from Hockley playcentre Monkey Bizzness and Basildon gym David Lloyd. we also have help and advice from our very own forum members, which is probably the best support you can get. Come and post in the dedicated Health & Fitness support thread if you need some advice or would just like to talk about your own health and fitness journey.

Alternative Shopping Guide

Following the success of the Alternative Christmas Gift Guide, Essex Mums now has it’s own Alternative Shopping Guide, featuring lots of fantastic ideas for gifts, toys, clothes, house and home. It has everything from practical purchases for new parents to the most gorgeous handmade clothes you could wish to see. Come and take a look, and if you would like to be featured or have an idea for something that would fit in, let me know.

Events for January and February

I’m now compiling the events calendar for 2010 so if you have anything you would like to see added, please send it to Likewise if the details of a class or group you run are not on the Classes and Groups page, please let me know. There is currently a lot of information on this calendar so in the new year it will be broken down into areas to make it easier – keep an eye out for that!

Specials this year

Over the next few months I’ll be running special features on using cloth nappies, and on young parents. If you would like to get involved, please let me know.

Competitions and offers

I’ve had lots of people asking if they can run competitions on the site and offers for Essex Mums. I can hardly refuse now, can I?! In the next couple of months you’ll see a new page for these, so if you have anything you’d like to be featured please get in touch!

Come and say hello!

If you haven’t stopped by the forum in a while, make it your new year’s resolution to come and say hello! You’ll be guaranteed a warm welcome in the introductions section, can just dive right in to one of our friendly daily chats, or see if anyone in your area wants to meet up. I can say with some certainty you’re unlikely to find a friendlier group of Mums this side of the internet!

Everything else

As always there is lots to work on, and I’ll be adding more to the Map and the Useful Website page. The forum continues to tick along nicely with everything from daily chatter to storming debates happening every day. On top of that we have the much-anticipated results of the Essex Mums Awards 2009 so keep an eye out for that! Once again I’d like to say that if there’s anything you’d like to see on the site, please do let me know!

Thanks for all your support and hope you have a lovely 2010!



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